2017-2018 Grand Court Officers

Office Name
Grand Royal Matron HL Deb Westerman
Grand Royal Patron SK Chris Westerman
Grand Associate Matron HL Angela Looper
Grand Associate Patron SK Mark Johnson
Grand Secretary HL Jo Jennings
Grand Treasurer HL Esther Gable
Grand Conductress HL Evelyn Atkinson
Grand Associate Conductress HL Katie Bobbitt
Grand Trustee     1 Year HL Juli Woolard
Grand Trustee     2 Year HL Fran Farber
Grand Trustee     3 Year SK Michael Gable
Grand Commissioner of Appeal HL Bonnie Johnson
Gr Commissioner of Appeal-2 year HL Irene Sprinkle
Gr Commissioner of Appeal-3 year HL Lynda Coffman
Grand Prelate
Grand Marshal
Grand Marshal in the East
Grand Marshal in the West
Grand Lecturer
Grand Standard Bearer
Grand Historian HL Pam Broddle
Gr. Fraternal Correspondent HL Wilma Hybsha
Grand Musician
Grand Truth
Grand Faith
Grand Wisdom
Grand Charity
Grand Page
Grand Crown Bearer
Grand Sword Bearer
Grand Warder SK Brian Coree
Grand Sentinel